Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Friday, September 21, 2018
Thousand Hills Baptist Association serves 36 Baptist churches in 5 counties in Northeast Missouri (Adair, Macon, Putnam, Schuyler, and Sullivan).  Our mission is to assist churches in church development, missions, evangelism and discipleship in order to advance the kingdom of Christ.
We are here to serve.  Please contact us if we can help you begin or develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.  If your church needs assistance with any area of ministry, or if you are looking for an opportunity to serve in a church, please let us help you. 

OUR VISION -  We exist to: 
                      Encourage churches
                      Equip leaders

                      Inspire cooperation 
Isaiah records a vision of God he saw in the Iraelite temple.  The Lord was on His mighty throne.  Angels flew back and forth in the smoke.  The temple shook.....  Read more

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List of Churches in the Association

News & Events

Ministers & Pastors Lunch
King's Buffet, 3rd Tuesday of each Month @ 11:30          
Next one: September 18

Churches Celebrating Anniversaries:
Friendship Baptist in Macon, 151 years, September 16
FBC Kirksville, 150 years, September 16
Pure Air Baptist in Novinger, 65 years, October 20-21
Omaha Baptist In Unionville, 140 years, October 20